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Welcome to 72 Bumblebee Lane!

Chances are that you arrived here because you are a champion of snail mail. Well, either that or you're The Mom. The Mom who finds everything. The Mom who organizes everything. The Mom who celebrates everything. Welcome, Mama. :)

I don't know about you but to me celebrating is one of the most fun things about being a mom. It's exciting to find and share new ways to celebrate holidays and birthdays and those unusual and strange celebration days like Chocolate Covered Raisin Day. I guess you celebrate that last one with a movie rental? Nothing adds to the magic and wonder of being a kid like taking part in family traditions – old beloved ones or brand spanking new ones. 

Here at 72 Bumblebee Lane we want to help you make your big and small celebrations even more special with products and ideas to add more fun and creativity into your days.

72 Bumblebee Lane is your place to land when you are feeling the effects of too much sugar, I mean, too much of everything. It's the place for simple things and easy things. It's the place to rest and kick up your feet. 

    The 72 Bumblebee Lane Story

    Are you wondering why 72 Bumblebee Lane is called 72 Bumblebee Lane? Well, wonder no more. First off, the 72 in 72 Bumblebee Lane comes from the birth months of my two girls. Yes, that means I have a little firecracker born in July and a sweet polar bear born in February. My 7 and my 2 often go by the monikers little brat and big brat round these parts. My brats are also my helpers. They pick colors, critique designs, stuff envelopes, package orders, and man booths at craft shows with me. I love having them around. I love that they can see what I am building and that they are a part of what I am building.

    Bumblebee Lane is a collection of memories from my grandparent's farm when I was growing up. Those times spent wandering through fields and gardens full of sun-ripened vegetables, sweet berries, and wild flowers are some of my favorite memories from my childhood. I can still smell the meadows full of blooms buzzing with honeybees. I can still feel the sun on my bare arms.

    That's where 72 Bumblebee Lane was born. It's a place to recharge and reconnect. It's a place to be a kid and to enjoy being a kid. It's a place to lie in the grass and search for strawberries while clouds pass by overhead. It's a place full of sunshine and childhood. It's a place full of magic and dreams.

    About Angel

    I am an artist who currently lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with my husband, our 2 daughters, our 2 dogs, 2 underwater frogs, and one betta fish. I went to art school and then college which is why my dad likes to call me a professional student. I still take classes online and in person because I believe there is always something new and interesting to learn. Honestly, if there was a career in professional student-ing I would have an advanced degree! Since there wasn't and isn't, my actual diplomas and degrees are in fine arts with concentrations in painting and metalworking. 

    I have a day job where I work in marketing for a local manufacturer. I totally nerd out over marketing. There is always a business or marketing book beside my bed. I just finished Grit by Angela Duckworth. Yes, I recommend it. Currently reading Buyology.

    A few things I believe: driving my scooter on a warm, sunny day is heaven on earth, dogs are one of the best things on this planet, parenting is H-A-R-D, and strong coffee should have its own food group. Those last two are probably related. ;)

    G-Rated Greeting Cards, Prints, and Gifts

    I started making these little critter cards for my daughters to use as thank you notes. Then I started making them for gifts. Then came special requests. Then came this shop. Friends who have known me for a long time would say that I have ALWAYS been doodling these little critters and creatures and becoming a mom just gave me an excuse to make more! Maybe so, maybe so. :)
    You can trust in knowing that paper products from 72 Bumblebee Lane are beautifully printed on gorgeous quality papers. Cards and gifts in this shop are exactly what I would and do send to my own friends and family. The original drawings and designs are kid-friendly and fun to make gift giving and card sending easy for kids to give to kids or kids to hand to moms or aunts to send to kids...
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    I see 72 Bumblebee Lane as a celebration of building forts, creek stomping, swinging for hours, climbing trees, collecting shells, and picking wildflowers. It's the place to celebrate childhood, the place to celebrate the simple things, the place to celebrate the messes and memories. 
    Whether your kids have 2 legs or 4, thanks for dropping by.


    Baby chalk artist at large!
    p.s. Obviously well ahead of the chalking craze...