Cat Nap Bedtime Routine Printable

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The struggle is real.
Getting your kids ready for bedtime can often feel like cat wrangling.

Having a routine that your little darling can see and follow can make that countdown to bedtime a little easier on both of you. We got you covered. Use this bedtime routine printable as a checklist, countdown, or as a chart. Print it and put it on a clipboard or into a frame to follow along so you can say 5-4-3-2-1. Bedtime.

Cat Nap Bedtime Routine printable file includes multiple letter-sized (8 1/2 x 11 inches) designs with and without lines in a single file immediately available for download after purchase. We’ve even included a plain white background in case you’re saving on printer ink or need a little more room to add your own personal touches.

Be as detailed or loosey-goosey as you wish with your countdown. Add times to all of your steps, draw pictures, add photos, pen a poem, be creative! You can use the example below as a jumping off point but your bedtime routine is yours and yours alone to create the way you want it so go on and bust a yoga move or crank up the white noise. You do you.

  • Go to the toilet
  • Take a bath
  • Put on your pajamas
  • Warm milk?
  • Brush your teeth
  • Get into bed
  • Story time
  • Prayers
  • Kiss goodnight
  • Lights out

As your mini-you grows and becomes more independent just print a new page and create a new routine. All 8 designs are in a single pdf file so you can download your favorite page or pages and print and customize to your heart’s content. 

This product is an instant pdf download that is not editable. NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT WILL BE SENT. For printing at home and personal use only. Print as often as you wish but sharing or reselling our original designs is a copyright violation so we hope you don't break the law and our hearts.

The cat's out of the bag. HAHA. Our Cat Nap Bedtime Routine printable is the cat's pajamas! (Okay, okay, we'll stop there.)